What’s going on at Aldermore

It seems that Aldermore have closed their Maidstone office and transferred everything to Twickenham.

Rumours abound that the office is in chaos with staff leaving and payments to clients being missed as everyone is too busy in extended meetings to do them.

Having received two enquiries from Aldermore clients within the space of a week it’s obvious that something is not right there

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  1. Not Closing just going through a period of change and re-organisation, new staff and procedures are being introduced and a normal (better) service will be resumed as soon as possible.

  2. I’m pleased that you’ve admitted that the present service levels are below standard but it really must be a serious matter when payments to clients aren’t being made as staff are too busy in meetings and judging by the phone calls from Aldermore clients it seems that they have lost faith in the company

  3. Sir,
    It seems odd that you keep deleting our posts….we assume that business beteween you and Aldermore is going well ? Oh hold on..this won’t get posted will it !!! ?????

  4. One of the disadvantages of writing a high profile blog is that it attracts a huge amount of people conducting vendettas and whilst they are more than happy to post a variety of defamatory comments they will only do so under a cloak of anonymity

    For those that would like to think I have a vested interest in not publishing their anonymous allegations I am happy to confirm that I do not have and never have had any sort of business relationship with Aldermore

  5. So, invoices not being verified (in one case for over 3 weeks), payments not being allocated in good time, details of disputes not being advised and, as per usual, emails not being reponded to and everyone in meetings when you try and call them. Has Aldermore decided to pull out of the Factoring business but not bothered to tell it’s clients? Let’s face it, communication isn’t their stron point!

  6. Having read the latest Business money it would appear obvious what is happening at Aldermore – they have always advertised that they see themselves as a “Bank” and obviously think that the best way to achieve this is to recruit anybody that is displaced from RBS from Damon Walford at the top to the majority of the new staff at the new Twickenham office – whether this, seeing the problems that RBS Invoice Finance had and the fact that these are the staff RBS were happy to let go, will lead to the improved service that Nigel promises remains to be seen

  7. So, is it true that even the recently appointed staff have started to jump ship due to the pressure that they are under? Doesn’t exactly inspire one with confidence.

  8. So, nothing much changes then. A client sends an email requesting contact and, a day later, gets a response saying their client manager is busy with other things and will get back to them ‘in due course’. Tells you everything about Aldermore’s attitude towards clients, really.

  9. I see that Nigel who was the first to comment also jumped ship a couple of months after posting his comment 🙂

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