Round and round in concentric circles

I had rather a quirky (but substantial) deal put to me a few weeks ago and thought it would suit one particular factoring company that I’d never dealt with before but who keep inundating me with literature telling me how wonderful they are.

Having made contact with their local man I expected to be kept up to date with what was happening but it seems that this particular factoring company doesn’t believe in keeping introducers in the loop as it has been a real struggle ever since to find out what’s happening with emails ignored and telephone calls unanswered.

The last email that I sent asking for an update was at 9:00am two days ago but as with the last telephone message left, it’s unanswered.

Every factoring company admits that market conditions are tough at the moment but here we have one particular factor that won’t be receiving any more enquiries from me and the annoying thing is that they are not the only ones that treat their brokers so shabbily

3 thoughts on “Round and round in concentric circles”

  1. It is pointless to write about a particular factoring company that annoys you – it does not help the readers (propects) a single bit.

  2. You have made an assumption that this blog is aimed at “prospects” whereas I would have thought that even a cursory read through would have shown that not to be the case.

    This blog tends to be read mainly by industry insiders and as such factoring companies that don’t keep their introducers up to speed with what’s happening are a major bugbear to us brokers and therefore a worthy subject for comment.

    “Prospects” may not know who I’m referring to but I can assure you that the intended target for this blog certainly do 🙂

  3. Ian. The company you refer to is not the only one guilty of this, in fact the standard of sales people in this Industry has fallen dramatically unfortunately 80% are crap the great majority are nothing more than salary watchers and do just enough to keep jobs going.
    I reckon that the biggest reason is that the salaries paid are ridiculously high it should be much lower base salaries and a quality high bonus on achievements I know of one company recently taking on someone close to £70k salary and he was crap at the company he came from and the one before that too, I don’t blame the guy though he is doing whats right for him, other Factors paying £60 to £65k for average salesmen no wonder they are not interested in working too busy either playing Golf or at sportsman’s lunches, cricket or more internal sales meetings and bonding exercises so they haven’t time to ring you!
    When will the Factors get real and hire people that can actually sell and service it seems to be a forgotten trait. Now having said that some really top guys are still about but they are definitely in the minority

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