About the factoring blog

This blog contains the thoughts and opinions of Ian Johnston long time critic of many aspects of the factoring industry and Managing Director of Factoring Solutions UK Ltd one ofIan Johnston, specialist factoring broker the few truly independent specialist factoring and invoice discounting brokers around. Although many factoring brokers seem to run blogs on their website in the hope that fresh content will help drive their sites up the Google rankings this blog is slightly different as it has been designed to be read by real people and not search engine bots.

Originally the blog was left open for anyone and everyone who had something interesting to say about factoring to comment but I’m afraid that it attracted the wrong sort of attention from people wishing to pursue vendettas for perceived injustices and who would happily defame factoring companies whilst hiding behind anonymity themselves.

That is not what this blog is about so I have decided to implement a moderation queue and no comments will appear until they have been approved.

Apologies but as in so many cases it is the few who spoil it for everybody else

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