The worst kept secret in the factoring world revealed

For quite a long time the Google rankings for that all important word “factoring” has been dominated by an obscure website which consisted of a few articles, no contact details and a contact form that no-one in their right mind would use not knowing where it would be ending up.

According to Nominet the domain was owned by an anonymous person in the home counties but I had a sneaking suspicion that there was more to this website than met the eye as the website was the recipient of inbound links from none other than my old friends Touch Financial Support with the word factoring on Touch’s inside pages being keyword linked to this anonymous site.

All has now been revealed as I had a call from a broking buddy today to tell me that the Nominet details had been changed and the domain name was now showing as owned by SFP Brokers LTD trading as Touch Financial.

It will be interesting to see what happens now as the website as it stands hardly inspires confidence but if it’s over developed like their main site it could end up suffering the same fate and being dumped into the boondocks by Google

1 thought on “The worst kept secret in the factoring world revealed”

  1. Completely co-incidentally within half an hour of posting the above blog comment I came across a page on Touch’s website titled “Is your website losing you business?”

    It included the following:-

    “The quality of your website helps determine how potential customers view your business, and it influences their buying decision.

    once your website is displayed, its appearance or content could be enough to deter someone from getting in touch with you. The quality of your website says something about your business, and that message can be enough to turn buyers away” 🙂

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