Complaints about factoring companies

Complaints about factoring companies are something that quite a few companies are interested in investigating judging by the gizmo on this blog that tells me what search terms people have used to arrive here as complaints about XYZ Factors” or “XYZ Factoring Complaint Forum” are search terms that turn up with monotonous regularity.

With well over 40,000 companies now taking advantage of factoring and invoice discounting there are bound to be some that are dissatisfied with their factoring arrangements but the intriguing thing is the “XYZ” aspect as with the exception of the factoring company searching for complaints about themselves the vast majority name three specific factoring companies with one being a High Street bank subsidiary and the remaining two being independents.

I’m not sure what people do after arriving here and reading the blog but surprisingly few contact me and ask if I can do anything about it so if anyone with a complaint about their factoring company arrives at this blog and reads this, please feel free to contact me and I will do what I can to assist as I do have close relationships with many factors and can often help sort out problems