Interesting times at Venture Finance

Venture Finance are heavily into self promotion and it seems like every time they sign a client a press release does the rounds. The latest to hit the circuit was earlier this week when they announced that “its Q3 results for 2009 are the best it has achieved in a decade. The independent invoice and asset-based lender has provided consistent support to UK businesses, in what has been a difficult time for liquidity. As a result, Venture has witnessed a 42% increase in new clients above the usual third quarter average, dating back to 2000.”

Th company’s staff must be wondering quite what to make of this announcement as they had just been called to a staff meeting during which they were told that the company was looking for volunteers for redundancy as 20 staff were to be chopped.

2 thoughts on “Interesting times at Venture Finance”

  1. A real shame – Venture Finance seems to have lost its way under the new management. Quite how they can pump out marketing spin under these circumstances is quite beyond me. Interesting times… while they last.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. When I received the mailer from Venture it really made me laugh.

    18 months ago we had 15 clients funded by Venture Finance and we have moved all of them except 2 due to service issues. What is promised in the sales process is not what is delivered.

    I understand that in the North (the City Invoice Finance of old) they are writing decent deals but in the South they have really struggled.

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