Action Coach – scurrilous rogues or not?

“Ray Moore is the Managing Coach in the ActionCOACH Chelmsford office. He is an energetic and dynamic coach to both business owners and fellow coaches. In the words of one of his clients “Coaching is only as good as the coach! Ray Moore is an excellent coach.”

Ray trained as an accountant but he quickly realised his destiny lay in the cut and thrust of commercial life. His career has encompassed a wide range of industries including manufacturing, property, retail and distribution.

Over the past 14 years Ray has successfully built his own businesses. In May 2001, he sold his last £6million turnover business to a FTSE100 company for above sector PE ratio.”

The above is quoted directly from his own website but if anyone wants a look at this dynamic man’s website this link may be of interest:-

Does it seem at all familiar? Well it should to many of you as apart from a new six word title it is lifted word for word from my website. One would have thought that a company like Action Coach would have the resources to create their own text without having to resort to stealing mine .

Would you trust a company that is happy to steal the intellectual property of others. I know I wouldn’t 🙁

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  1. The copy of my webpage has now been removed and I’m given to believe that the associate responsible claimed that he had written it himself. 😀

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