Aston Rothbury portfolio acquired by Bibby

Bibby Financial Services have acquired the client portfolio of Aston Rothbury Factors which apparently comprises just 40 clients and is considerably less than the 109 clients claimed in Business Money earlier this year.

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  1. No mention of the fact Bibby had no real interest in looking after the 23 staff who were all told to leave on Monday as they were planning to take all the files etc that day, ruthless and heartless tactics. Good luck to all the good clients in the portfolio as they will need it, the service will not be in evidence that is for sure, I trust the directors of Aston will be making a public apology to their staff also some of whom gave 5 years+ service 12/13 in some cases and what for??

    Very sad news

  2. The directors of Aston seem to have gone off in a different direction having acquired the failed business of Platinum Funding and relaunching it as Pulse Cashflow.

    Incidentally, 23 staff to look after 40 clients seems to be a ridiculously high staffing ratio

  3. “Factoring Man” I’m afraid that I have no intention of publishing disparaging comments from people posting anonymously from disposable Hotmail addresses as after all – you could be anybody with a variety of ulterior motives

  4. “factoring man” is probably one of the 19
    disgruntled people facing the dole queue – yes 4 have secured a new future – 2 with Bibby prior to the sale ?? or is this just a rumour

    Still no word from the directors??…

  5. James – no he is someone from your neck of the woods with a huge chip on his shoulder judging by the message he sent me which included amongst other comments that I was well known in the industry for my “arrogance and over inflated ego” and that I must be in Bibby’s pocket as I wouldn’t publish his anonymous half baked attack on them.

    He also claims to have given Aston Rothbury several clients which I must admit is something that I would never have considered doing as the company had earned itself a rather dubious reputation since Ian Clark left but there again, unlike factoring man, I never used to work for them.

    I can fully understand that you are unhappy having lost your job but the fault for that lies entirely with the management of Aston Rothbury and not with Bibby who stepped in to save 40 clients and the jobs of all the people who worked there and in the process stopped factoring getting an even worse reputation than it already has in some quarters

  6. For anyone who read my “exposé” of “Factoring Man” (now deleted) I am rather embarrassed to have to admit that I got it wrong and the rather obnoxious individual was not whom I stated at all.

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