Another factoring broker who thinks it’s acceptable to steal intellectual property

One of the problems that being top of the search engine rankings causes me is that there are always unscrupulous people out there who rather than develop their own websites just copy mine.

Since I started this blog I have commented twice on unscrupulous rogues that have copied my website and now another one has crawled out of the woodwork. and are word for word copies of with only the chap’s name and phone number changed. I telephoned him to ask him why he had stolen my intellectual property and he denied it saying that it hadn’t been copied.

One would have to be pretty stupid to try and make a case out that his website is original, especially when the source code still includes a link to my stats package complete with site name.

I repeat what I have said before – would you trust someone who has such a cavalier approach to other people’s property?

I certainly wouldn’t.

1 thought on “Another factoring broker who thinks it’s acceptable to steal intellectual property”

  1. Website copy seems not being only a english problem. In france also, authors have to take care of that. Nethermind, it’s never the whole website who is copyed but some few parts, so that it need a few time to discover and some time it take also time to remove the critical text. Good luck with this international problem linked with the developpement of internet.

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