What’s going on at Aldermore

Keen readers of the factoring blog will have read my “What’s going on at Aldermore” post last week where I was lucky enough to spot a software glitch in LinkedIn and take a screen grab before it disappeared.

It seems that at least one of the three people being “honoured” didn’t see the funny side and complained to Aldermore management and I had a phone call today from the Legal Counsel and Company Secretary of Aldermore Bank PLC who said that if I didn’t remove the blog post they would consult external lawyers with a view to prosecuting me for defamation.

It seems that not only do the staff of Aldermore Invoice Finance have no sense of humour but they also don’t have much of an idea of what constitutes defamation as nothing that I said was defamatory in the slightest. In the interests of harmony I have removed the post but if anyone looking for a factoring company deems a sense of humour to be important I’m sure that you’ll know know where not to look 🙂

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  1. I felt a bit sorry today for the Aldermore salesman who telephoned me today asking whether I would deal with them. After telling him that I was threatened with prosecution by his legal eagle last month I think that he realised that the chances of me putting any business in the direction of Aldermore was rather slim 😀

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