Wageroller in Administration

Administrators have been appointed to Quest 4 Finance Ltd who operated the Wageroller facility. Whilst never wholly convinced enough about the payroll funding facility to actually introduce any business to the company it is still sad to see their demise as the product was fairly innovative.

9 thoughts on “Wageroller in Administration”

  1. I would imagine that the Administrators wouldn’t be very happy if you didn’t pay them back

  2. The owner of what was wageroller has restarted as payroller now. having lost a reported 20m of the funders money i wonder who is mad enough to lend to him again. hey ho just see if there is any possibility to bowrrow off the ‘new’ wageroller and don’t pay em back!

  3. I guess that it won’t be Coface again but I’m really surprised that anyone would be so stupid

  4. Someone at Wageroller had a sense of humour, its immediate parent was listed as Sunshine Desserts Ltd. If you are a certain age you’ll remember Reginald Iolanthe Perrin

  5. That explains it, wageroller.co.uk left it’s clothes on the shoreline and came back in ‘disguise’ as payroller.co.uk. Does anyone know who can lend me £20m?, I’m planning a trip to the sea side if so….

  6. As Mr Breen’s last three companies have gone down it is about time Companies House did something to stop him.

  7. It has nothing to do with Companies House but if the Administrators or Liquidators of any company think that there has been malpractice they can can report it to BERR to investigate.

    I have no idea of the background to this particular case nor the individual concerned but am just commenting generally

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