The factoring industry is closed this week

Not much will be happening this week at senior levels in the factoring and invoice discounting industry as the ABFA (the industry’s trade association) is having it’s annual jolly conference and all the great and good in the factoring industry will be attending.

Where else would the self styled “UK based trade association” be having their conference in these austere times but Barcelona 🙂


It should be an interesting conference as more than one member of the ABFA isn’t writing any new business at the moment but at least one member might usefully save some money by combining the conference with a trip to Bank Santander to discuss takeover terms in what is probably the worst kept secret in the factoring industry.

1 thought on “The factoring industry is closed this week”

  1. I hope everyone behaves as my man in Fleet Street says there’s a few journos in Las Ramblas looking for a story of drunken bankers…

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