Davenham is the latest factoring company to cease

It has been well known for a while that Davenham were in serious trouble and they have been pretending to lend recently rather than actually doing so.

The staff were told to expect a decision on the company’s future by the end of June and that future now seems to be that they are formally ceasing to write new business whilst the company enters “collect out” mode.

Whilst it is possible for them to collect out their loan book in a prudent and orderly manner as claimed by the company, one cannot do that with factoring so I hope that arrangements are in hand to transfer the book to another factoring company causing as little pain as possible in the process.

This is the third factoring company in a very short space of time to crash into the rocks following hard on the heels of Aston Rothbury a few days ago and Challenge a few months ago so let’s hope that this is the end of it now as it doesn’t do the industry any good at all.

Davenham Group Problems

Less than a year after Davenham rejected an £84m takeover bid at £3.25 per share an announcement that record bad debts will wipe out any profits has seen the share price tumble to just 8.25p

The company has taken measures to react to changing circumstances by making a large number of staff redundant whilst employing more people in it’s arrears department but there are still concerns that the problems that originate in the property division might impact on the factoring and trade finance divisions.

Davenhams have some niche products for financing the SME sector including a stock finance facility that is quite innovative and we would hate to see that plunging property values will affect the company’s ability to continue increasing it’s presence in the factoring arena