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A friend of mine remarked recently that one particular factoring company provides information for the “recent factoring and invoice discounting deals” section of a certain factoring publication on a regular basis but each block of deals always bears a remarkable similarity to the previous ones.

If you have a close look you will see that they have signed up yet another Northern recycling company so I think that by now they must have cornered the market in the area for this industry 🙂

3 thoughts on “Recent factoring deals”

  1. The latest batch of “deals” have been provided by Pulse Cashflow and of the four examples one was a pre-pack whilst the other three were transferred from other funders.

    As Pulse is hardly the most competitive in terms of costing I assume that these were “manage aways” and with one having a £2m facility that must be quite a sizeable company so fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong with it

  2. This week’s “dealboard” includes yet another Northern recycling company for Close Invoice Finance.

    Whilst one may wonder quite how many Northern recycling companies they now have on their books I can’t help but think that it may be the deals themselves that are being recycled 🙂

  3. We had a rest from Close’s attempt at world domination for factoring recycling businesses in April but May saw yet another one:-

    A £300,000 confidential invoice discounting solution has been confirmed for a Northern Irish waste management and recycling business. The company needed support with their cash flow.

    Surely the PR department can show a little more originality 🙁

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