Factoring PR blunders

In these fast moving and difficult times one has to be doubly careful of press releases and PR exercises as they may leave you with egg on your face at a later stage.

The current edition of the glossy magazine Business Money has a full colour cover devoted to Landsbanki which will no doubt continue to be an embarrassment to it’s editor until the next edition comes out whilst Venture Finance sent out a press release on 25th September telling the world about the new larger premises that they were moving into on 1st October in order to facilitate the integration of all the extra people upon their integration with Fortis. This was less than two weeks before the announcement that Fortis was being nationalised and the integration would now no longer be going ahead.


Welcome to the factoring blog

What a day to start blogging about the world of factoring and invoice discounting with the major UK banks in complete disarray having had to go to the Government, begging bowl in hand due to the complete failure of their lending policies over the past few years.

If it weren’t bad enough that the parent companies of Royal Bank of Scotland Commercial Finance, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance and Bank of Scotland Cashflow Finance are now part Government owned we also have the situation where one of those banks is heavily involved in the funding of many of the major independent factoring companies too so we don’t know what the future holds for them either.