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Many people are catching onto the idea of blogging or article writing as a sales technique despite the fact that most search engine optimisers will tell you that the links have dubious value as Google will discount inbound links from the same source, especially if that source is also poorly rated.

I have read some very boring factoring blogs as most of them are just a rehash of the same article about how wonderful factoring is. This means that the blog has failed the first test which is that it must be readable and with the best will in the world no-one is going to return to a site where they keep rehashing the same article which is itself stuffed full of linked keywords.

There are some articles on factoring that are worth reading though and this morning I came across the following little gem:-


Many builders and contractors are remaining dissolver by attractive plus of the justness that exists in their accounts receivable. Factoring cerebration invoices has embellish an primary factor of doing playing for some companies.

For more click the link…………

I wonder how many clicked the link to read the rest of it 🙂


1 thought on “Other factoring blogs”

  1. Hello Ian,

    Well, this is interesting. I am actually the author of the article to which you are referring. However, it appears that someone has taken my copy and run it through one of those article spinners that junks it all up and tries to short cut article writing.

    I also have a blog that takes a rather cheeky view of the factoring industry and attempts to have some fun while providing some news and info. Otherwise it is just plain boring. Same strategy, different countries.


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