Factoring company of the year silly season is here again – part 2

I wrote a story in April (https://factoringblog.co.uk/?p=204) saying that whilst I was away sunning myself a raft of different factoring companies had all won awards for being the best factoring company according to a variety of different publications.

Having returned from topping up the tan again I found two more emails in my inbox from companies announcing their recent awards.

The first was from Leumi ABL to tell me that they had been voted “Asset Based Lender of the Year” according to ACQ Finance magazine’s Country Awards for Achievement 2009 and according to the blurb “The accolade is the result of a totally independent poll amongst industry peers”

The second was from those masters of self promotion Venture Finance who were awarded “‘Independent alternative finance provider of the year” by….. wait for it….. ACQ again.

Whilst I’m sure that both Leumi and Venture feel proud of their awards a look at some other of the award winners may put them into perspective as “ALMT – Best Indian Commercial Law Firm of the Year”, “Aviation Law Firm of the Year – Latin America, “Insurance & Reinsurance Law Firm of the Year – UAE”, “Shipping Law Firm of the Year – Hong Kong”, “Shipping & Maritime Law Firm of the Year – UAE” and “Specialist Law Firm of the Year – Aviation – UK” were all won by the same company – Clyde & Co

Is there anyone who hasn’t won an award from these people 🙂

2 thoughts on “Factoring company of the year silly season is here again – part 2”

  1. Trying to research the award winners in ACQ Finance Magazine is proving very difficult as I can’t find a comprehensive list anywhere on the internet but judging by the fact that entering “acq finance magazine global awards” into Google brings up 24,200 webpages I would guess that there are a substantial number of awards handed out.

    Amongst a number of worthies that I came across was Cashbox PLC who were awarded “Support Services Company of the Year” allegedly for their “innovative approach, which this year included enabling all of its ATM sites to become Wi-Fi hotspots.”

    Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs won the coveted “Most Trusted Law Firm in South Africa” award whilst there was even an award handed out to the “Pensions and Actuarial Due Diligence Provider of the Year”

    I’ve never heard of this publication but if anyone does have access to a complete list of award winners I would appreciate a copy

  2. We too received such an award and I have spent time trying to figure out it’s merit. From what I find, there is a $360 annual subcription fee, but when I tried to buy a copy or find online, got no where, except a reprint of a one column ad from a prior issue. I’m guessing it’s a way to make money hoping award recipents purchase advertising. Also, the email we received indicated 4,760 votes had been cast. Maybe, someone had seen the cancelled TV drama “Canterbury’s Law” and we benefited with name recognition.

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