Business Money Dinner

The annual Business Money Dinner is always a good time to meet up with old friends and make new ones and last night’s do in Birmingham was no exception. The food and comedian were dreadful but they were amply made up for by the eye candy from Warwick University in the next room.

One of the things that I always find interesting is which factoring broker is sitting at which factoring company’s table as it gives a good idea of who is in favour with who and last night there were one or two surprises. Equally surprising was some of the absences as many of the high profile broking outfits were noticeable by their absence.

Many thanks to mine hosts for an excellent and amusing evening

2 thoughts on “Business Money Dinner”

  1. I thought the comedian was ok – in parts. Highlight of the evening for me of course was winning the champagne raffle otherwise known as the australian sparkling white wine found at the back of a cupboard raffle

  2. Good news, the Australian sparkling White (available in all good spar shops £3.99) also known as champagne now safely in the school Christmas raffle

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