Business Money called me an anorak

One of my factoring buddies sent me the current edition of Business Money which to those that haven’t come across this august journal is a magazine apparently devoted to the factoring industry which says lots of nice things about all of the factoring companies and is funded by advertisements from them too. He seemed to be highly amused that the magazine had printed a dig at me 🙂

When skimming through it there were three paragraphs that caught my eye.

1) Business Money, over 16 years has always endeavoured to report hard commercial reality

2) The job of the media is to report facts, accompanied by comment given that the public cannot be sufficiently well-versed in every topic being reported on to place the news in context

3) The Cattles saga goes on, a situation calling for some sensitivity and not helped by one or two, who really do need to get out more, without their anoraks, and who seem to delight in creating as much anguish as they can for a great bunch of men and women who are just trying to do their job with something of a cloud over them.

The urban dictionary defines an “anorak” as someone “obsessively interested in a thing or topic that doesn’t seem to warrant such attention” so it would seem that because I have a problem with the fact that Cattles Invoice Finance are continuing to take on new staff and clients at a time when their parent company is struggling for survival I am an anorak that should get out more.

I’m quite sure that the friendship shown by Business Money towards Cattles Invoice Finance has nothing to do with the full page advert that appeared a few pages along in the same edition. 🙂

The Factoring Blog was set up partly because there is no media devoted to reporting “the hard commercial realities” within the factoring industry and there is much that needs to be said but unlike Business Money we can be objective because we don’t have to worry about biting the hand that feeds us.

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  1. Versailles Trade Finance were big spenders & received excessive editorial compliments although it would be churlish to suggest the two events were connected. Business Money now seems more akin to HELLO magazine than a serious commercial journal that should be questioning the actions of some factors rather than simply exchanging pleasantries

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