What’s going on at Aldermore part two

Three years I blogged about alleged problems that Aldermore were having in their Maidstone office to be told by “Nigel” “just going through a period of change and re-organisation, new staff and procedures are being introduced and a normal (better) service will be resumed as soon as possible”

Fast forward three years and Aldermore seem to be at it again as the over worked and under rewarded staff in the Maidstone office (their words, not mine) have been told that they are today entering into a 30 day consolidation period and that the office may close in December when the lease expires on the premises. This will mean that the back office functions of Credit Control and Cash/Invoice Processing may all move to the Manchester office so Clients can expect yet another fall in service during this transition.

My insider carried on to say that “After working for Aldermore (prev Absolute) and Cattles IF before that I would strongly recommend against anyone seeking employment with the company, given my experience with them. I cannot speak for all employees, but can confirm that this is the general feeling of lower grade employees. Perhaps you can warn Clients that this is on the cards so that they do not suffer yet again from another restructure. When will Aldermore get it right??”

Aldermore are not one of my favourite factoring companies and murmurs often reach myself as well as other brokers of staff unhappiness and tough underwriting criteria and as readers of this blog will know they threatened to sue me for posting something rather humorous albeit completely true on the Factoring Blog