What a load of self righteous drivel

I was thumbing through a copy of what a Factoring Blog commenter once described as the Hello magazine of the factoring world and was quite astounded at some of the self righteous drivel being spouted, and I was still only on the first page.

The editor was thanking the factoring company who sponsored that particular edition and included such sanctimonious claptrap as “this bulwark of SME finance is being stalked by the irritating and inconsequential” further claiming that “we are honoured to stand with them, facing their detractors with reasoned and robust debate”

Apart from the utter hypocrisy of Hello Factoring referring to The Telegraph as inconsequential I have searched and searched and cannot find any example of them publicly “standing with their sponsor and facing their detractors” with reasoned or indeed with any other type of debate and if the truth be known the only person who has publicly stood with this factoring company and faced their detractors is yours truly.

Perhaps the factoring company in question would like to spend a few grand sponsoring the next edition of Factoring Blog 🙂