Factoring for small companies

It seems that certain factoring companies are speeding up the process of reviewing and taking on new clients if they are small and a couple of enquiries taken by Factoring Solutions this week have gone from start to finish very quickly.

On Tuesday we received an enquiry from a small company with only one customer that seemed to be tailor made for spot factoring so we introduced them to the appropriate single invoice factoring company and we were subsequently informed that the documents are being signed on Friday.

We received another enquiry today (Thursday) from a small company which was fairly new and where the directors were not home owners which restricted the number of factoring companies that would be interested but fortunately the company that we introduced it to were happy to look closer at the prospect and an offer was issued straight away with documents due to be signed on Monday.

It’s not all plain sailing though as we also had an enquiry from a much larger company this week and the company that I chose to speak to about them shuddered when I mentioned their name and politely declined on the basis that they had had dealings with him before and he had been a naughty boy.

Still two out of three isn’t bad 😀