Christmas entertaining and marketing foolishness

The Christmas entertainment season is now under way and yesterday I was a guest at Bibby’s Birmingham office bash where we all met in a well known hostelry in the city centre prior to moving off to a restaurant for lunch.

Christmas drinksThere were probably twenty of us milling around when a chappie came in and wandered around looking lost until he came up to us and asked “I don’t suppose that you lot are Ultimate Finance” at which I laughed and said “You’ve got the dates wrong as that’s tomorrow”

Mein host then suggested that as he was here he might as well have a drink with us and as one of the original invitees had dropped out he may as well join us for lunch, which he subsequently did.

I held up posting this until such time as it was unlikely that anyone from Ultimate would read it prior to them all meeting up and cross examining their guests to save him embarrassment.

I was invited to today’s do but unfortunately I couldn’t make it which is a shame as I would have liked to watch ********’s embarrassment when he spotted me there 😀

On a completely unrelated note I had a telephone call this morning from Rachel at Impact Marketing who wanted to make me rich.

UnbelievableShe said that they had been acting for a factoring company and had been so successful in generating business for them that the factoring company could no longer cope which is why they had targeted Factoring Solutions as a replacement to act for.

When I politely suggested that there was no such thing as a factoring company that couldn’t cope with new business and most were struggling to attract sufficient new clients she became quite indignant and suggested that just because I was struggling that doesn’t mean that other factoring companies were, whereupon she wished me a Merry Christmas and the line went dead.

It’s a shame that people like Rachel have to resort to bull**** as I doubt whether anyone would be either taken in or be impressed by such blatant rubbish and it’s also a shame that she didn’t do a couple minutes of homework first whereupon she would have found out that Factoring Solutions wasn’t a factoring company.

Of course if there is a factoring company out there who has been so inundated with enquiries and new business that they can no longer cope please feel free to get in touch with me and I will happily post a retraction as well as offer to look after the excess leads that they can’t cope with.

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